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The LiFe update training encourages evangelization as a team. Evangelization is teamwork because everyone can minister with their gift and make a difference to the whole. In practical terms, this means:

  • Invest a day in the vision, preparation, implementation of LiFe.
  • Everyone recognizes what task they could take on in the LiFe project.
  • In one day everyone can get to know the LiFe toolbox.

LiFe helps make disciples

In the ministry of Jesus, the formation of disciples was the first priority. LiFe has been shown to help grow and make disciples as a team, including as a team.

 Vision, preparation and implementation of LiFe seminars


The LiFe update training for teams conveys the LiFe vision. It actually helps in preparation and introduces the material for conducting LiFe seminars in the community. The training units are available online as video, PowerPoint or script. The units can be trained using online questions. They can be used for preparation and deepening.

LiFe seminar as a project


The LiFe seminar is a project in which every person can take on a task that corresponds to their gifts. Project leaders, prayer leaders, speakers, moderators and accompanying persons form a team. That is why it makes sense for leaders to take part in the training together with a team. The training itself also involves working in groups so that a team can prepare practically for an upcoming LiFe seminar. Experienced LiFe mentors are available for group times.

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