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Here some reviews from LiFe pastors and leaders:

LiFe in Egypt and the Arabic world

"The topics of LiFe are very attractive for people." (Amgad Girgis, Bishop Church of God, Egypt)

LiFe in a denomination in Angola

"LiFe makes a difference through its results in our churches, especially among the young people who have led to small groups across the country." (Dinis Marcolino Eurico, Demoniation leader, Angola)

LiFe for church planting in Ukraine 

"It is on of the best tools of leading people to Christ." (Veniamin Kovalenko, pastor and church founder, Ukraine)

LiFe for the loacl church in Russia

"It is a toolbox that you can take and use the way it fits for you local reality." (Sergey Martyunichev, pastor, Russia)

LiFe in Albania

"What did I like most in LiFe seminar was the idea of combining evangelism and diciple making." (Valter Xhelili, pastor, Albania)

LiFe in Bulgaria

"We have found out also that LiFe seminar is a great tool not only for reaching the lost, but also for mobilizing the people in the church." (Ludmil Arsov, pastor, Bulgaria)

LiFe in a small church in Switzerland

"What I liked the most was the part where we read the Bible together." (Simon Walder, pastor, Switzerland)

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